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34th Minnesota Symposium on Child Psychology

Multilevel Dynamics in Developmental Psychopathology:
Pathways to the Future

Preliminary program information

Thursday September 30

1:00 pm Welcome
Ann Masten, Director, Institute of Child Development
1:30 pm Professor Sir Michael Rutter, Institute of Psychiatry, King's College London
Gene-Environment Interplay and Developmental Psychopathology
Coffee and conversation
3:00 pm W. Thomas Boyce, University of California at Berkeley
The Biology of Misfortune: Stress Reactivity, Social Context, and the Ontogeny of Psychopathology in Early Life
4:00-4:30 pm Irving Gottesman, University of Minnesota
Daniel R. Hanson, Minneapolis Veterans Administration Hospital
5:30 pm Symposium Cocktail Party at the home of Anne and Herb Pick

Friday October 1

Coffee and conversation (beginning at 8 am)
8:30 am Byron Egeland, University of Minnesota
Understanding Developmental Process and Mechanisms of Resilience and Psychopathology: Implication for Policy and Practice
Coffee and conversation
10:15 am Barbara H. Fiese, Syracuse University
The Interior Life of the Family: Looking from the Inside Out and the Outside In
11:30 am LUNCH
1:00 pm Thomas J. Dishion, University of Oregon
Peer Dynamics in the Development and Change of Child and Adolescent Problem Behavior
  Judy Garber, Vanderbilt University
Vulnerability and Stress in the Prediction of Depression in Adolescents
Coffee with Dessert (at 3:30 pm)
4:00-5:00 pm Commentary and panel on multiple systems
Moderator: Ronald E. Dahl, University of Pittsburgh Panelists: Byron Egeland, Barbara H. Fiese, Thomas J. Dishion, Judy Garber

Saturday October 2

Coffee hour (beginning at 8:30 am)
9:00 am Dante Cicchetti, University of Rochester
Multiple Levels of Analysis in the Study of Development and Psychopathology
10:45 am L. Alan Sroufe, University of Minnesota
11:00 am Panel on the Future of Developmental Psychopathology: where do we go from here?
Moderator: Ann S. Masten
Panelists: Sir Michael Rutter, W. Thomas Boyce, Dante Cicchetti, L. Alan Sroufe

All Lectures are Free and Open to the Public
Application has been made for CE credits from the Minnesota Board of Psychology