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CPSY 4345 - Language Development and Communication

This course is designed to introduce students to the study of language development. The course covers the acquisition of phonology (the sound system of the language), semantics (the meaning of units in the language), syntax (the structure of sentences), morphology (the structure of words), and pragmatics (language use). Along with covering the time-course of acquisition (i.e. what abilities develop when), we will consider other topics such as: theories of acquisition, the question of whether other animals can acquire human language, and the notion that there is a sensitive period for language acquisition. Although much of the literature on language development involves the acquisition of English, whenever possible data will be presented from the acquisition of other spoken and signed languages.

Who should take this course?

Students who are interested in learning more about how children develop language and communication skills.

Students interested in pursuing careers or graduate work in psychology, special education, speech pathology, and health careers.

What degree requirements might this class fulfill?
Child Psychology B.A.
Child Psychology B.S.

For official information about how this class would fulfill major requirements or college requirements, please consult your college adviser and your APAS. Access to your APAS report can be found under the Academics tab on MyU.

CPsy 2301 Introductory Child Psychology or instructor consent

Grading Basis:
A-F or audit


Terms this class is typically offered:
Fall (odd years), Spring

Instructors who teach this class:
Melissa Koenig
Maria Sera

Sample syllabus
Link to PDF

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