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Further Developments

Further Developments is the annual newsletter for the celebration of ICD faculty, staff, student and alumni accomplishments, and sharing of other items of interest to the ICD community and its friends.
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Featured Faculty

Abi Gewirtz
Abi Gewirtz is improving outcomes for children and families affected by trauma and extreme stress.

Michèle Mazzocco
Child development professor Michèle Mazzocco explores how early number comprehension impacts future math learning.

Glenn Roisman
Pop culture can’t push theories on parenting forward fast enough. Glenn Roisman is hoping for a better result.

Kathleen Thomas
Associate professor Kathleen Thomas studies how early experiences shape brain development and behavior in at-risk kids.

Richard Weinberg, Emeritus
For more than 40 years, Richard Weinberg lived out his mantra—"giving away child development"—by envisioning interdisciplinary efforts to apply knowledge in the community.

Philip Zelazo
For Philip Zelazo, studying the intentional control of thought, action, and emotion is a window into human consciousness.

Featured Graduate Students

Amanda Hodel
Doctoral student Amanda Hodel researches the neurobiology of child development

Camelia Hostinar
Doctoral student Cam Hostinar studies how parents can help when things get scary.

Theresa Lafavor
Theresa Lafavor researches how children succeed in chaotic situations.

Lee Raby
Lee Raby investigates how genes and environment interact in parent-child relationships.

Featured Alumni

Janette Herbers
Assistant Professor Janette Herbers conducts research to understand developmental processes of resilience in children who experience risks such as trauma, poverty, and homelessness.

Brett Laurson
Child psychology researcher Brett Laursen explores adolescent relationships with parents and peers.

Michael Leimbach
Alumnus Michael Leimbach designs effective training for clients around the world.

Rebecca Shlafer
Assistant Professor Rebecca Shlafer partnered with Sesame Street Workshop to lead the dissemination of new resources for children and families impacted by incarceration in Minnesota.

Nim Tottenham
Assistant Professor Nim Tottenham examines the development of brain systems involved in human emotional development to understand how these systems are influenced by early adverse environments.

Kathryn Tout
Kathryn Tout, co-director for Early Childhood Development and senior research scientist at Child Trends, directs research on programs and policies that support early childhood development.

Carolyn Zahn-Waxler
Pioneering researcher Carolyn Zahn-Waxler explores why some children seek to relieve others’ suffering.