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Michael P Maratsos

Ph.D., 1971, Harvard University

Inst Of Child Dev
208B Ch Dev

51 E River Rd

Economy, power, culture and development

I am interested in problems in the broader history and theory of childhood. In particular, I am interested in the general analysis of how economic, technology, and other societal conditions affect the practices and personalities children and adults, and the general nature of childhood; in how much can be called normal development, as opposed to contingent development. I am also interested in the effects of the very great variability reported by historians and anthropologists, upon the basic nature of theory in the field of development. As a more concrete interest, I am interested in the nature of conceptual categories, and in particular in the degree of individual variation and disorganization these may show in individuals, as well as in the concepts used in a field like developmental psychology itself.

Selected Publications

  1. M. Maratsos (2000). More overregularizations after all. Journal of Child Language, 28, 32-54.

  2. G. Deak and M. Maratsos (1998). On having complex representations of things: Preschoolers use multiple words for objects and people. Developmental Psychology, 34, 4224-280.

  3. M. Maratsos (1998). Grammatical acquisition. In W. Damon (Ed.), Handbook of child psychology. New York: Wiley.