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Steve Yussen

Ph.D., 1973 University of Minnesota

Educational Psychology .
Room 155 EdSciB
56 E River Pkwy


My interests are broadly in cognitive development, instructional psychology—particularly reading, and the intersection of schooling and children’s development. One strand of my earlier research examined children’s understanding of stories. Stories, including fictional narratives, are a major source for children to learn a great deal of information about the world and about language, through both oral and written means. In that earlier research, studies variously focused on children’s ability to recall simple, experimentally designed, stories; to identify central ideas in the stories; and to identify errors including mis-ordered information. Future work is planned on the development of children’s understanding of more complex narratives, such as actual short stories, and children’s source of learning to understand selected literary features of the stories such as narrator voice and perspective, tone, and characterization.

Selected Publications

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  6. Liu, Y. & Yussen, S. R. (2005). A comparison of perceived control beliefs between American and Chinese students about academic achievement. The International Journal of Behavioral Development. 29(1), 14-23.