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Jenalee Doom

5th Year Doctoral Student
B.A. Psychology & Premedicine, University of Notre Dame, 2011; M.A. Child Psychology, University of Minnesota, 2014

Interests: Cognitive development, bio/neuropsychology, social/emotional development, developmental psychopathology, trauma/maltreatment

Developmental Psychopathology and Clinical Science Track


I currently have two lines of research. The first is how early adversity, such as child maltreatment or orphanage care, increases risk for mental and physical health problems. In this area, I explore how stress is embedded in the body through genetic markers, the brain, the stress and immune systems, and behavior, and I also study how we can improve individuals’ health following early life stress. Currently, I am conducting a study examining the impact of nutrition and early adversity on growth, the immune system, and cognitive development in internationally adopted 5-year-olds. In another study, my colleagues and I are examining the interactions between early adversity, epigenetics, telomere length, and behavior in adolescents. My second area of study, and the focus of my dissertation work, centers around sex differences in mental and physical health outcomes and in how individuals respond to stress. I want to study why puberty appears to open a window of heightened stress responses, and whether differential responsiveness puts boys and girls at risk for different types of disorders.

Selected Publications

  1. Doom, J.R. & Georgieff, M.K. (in press). Striking while the iron is hot: Understanding the biological and neurodevelopmental effects of iron deficiency to optimize intervention in early childhood. Current Pediatrics Reports.

    Doom, J.R., Georgieff, M.K., & Gunnar, M.R. (in press). Institutional care and iron deficiency increase ADHD symptomology and lower IQ 2.5-5 years post-adoption. Developmental Science.

    Doom, J.R., Gunnar, M.R., Georgieff, M.K., Kroupina, M., Frenn, K.A, Fuglestad, A.J. & Carlson, S.M. (in press). Beyond stimulus deprivation: Iron deficiency and cognitive deficits in post-institutionalized children. Child Development.

    Doom, J.R., & Gunnar, M.R. (2013). Stress physiology and developmental psychopathology: Past, present and future. Development and Psychopathology, 25, 1359-1373.

    Doom, J.R., Cicchetti, D., Rogosch, F.A., & Dackis, M.N. (2013). Child maltreatment and gender interactions as predictors of differential neuroendocrine profiles. Psychoneuroendocrinology, 38, 1442-1454. doi:10.1016/j.psyneuen.2012.12.019