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Amanda Hodel

7th Year Doctoral Student
B.A. Statistics, University of Minnesota, May 2008; B.A. Child Psychology, University of Minnesota, December 2008

Interests: Cognitive neuroscience, brain development.

General Developmental Psychology Track


I am a graduate student at the Institute of Child Development, member of the Center for Neurobehavioral Development, and a predoctoral trainee through the Center for Cognitive Sciences. My research interests broadly focus on the impact of early life experiences on later aspects of structural and functional brain development. I have worked with Dr. Kathleen Thomas' Cognitive Developmental Neuroimaging Lab since 2006 primarily on projects investigating the neural bases of implicit learning during normative development, as well as executive function and brain development in infants, preschoolers, and adolescents born moderate-to-late preterm. I also continue to work with Dr. Thomas and Dr. Megan Gunnar on a large, five-year grant examining the interaction between the val66met polymorphism of the brain derived neurotrophic factor gene and early adversity (in the form of orphanage care) on neurodevelopmental outcomes of internationally adopted adolescents. In addition to a strong interest in developmental neurobiology, I have also completed advanced classes in statistical modeling.

I am a Minnesota native and also completed my undergraduate degrees at the University of Minnesota. In my free time I enjoy partaking in Minnesota's outdoor activities, exploring Minneapolis and other wonderful cities, reading far too many novels, petting kittens, and spending time with friends and family.