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Christina Mondi

Doctoral Student
B.A. Psychology, University of Notre Dame, 2014; M.A. in Child Psychology, University of Minnesota, 2016

Interests: Social/emotional development, developmental psychopathology, trauma/maltreatment, prevention/intervention, early childhood

Developmental Psychopathology and Clinical Science Track


My research and clinical work is grounded in the developmental psychopathology perspective. I completed my undergraduate training with two developmental psychopathologists who are passionate about translating developmental research into clinical applications for children and families (Drs. Kristin Valentino and E. Mark Cummings at the University of Notre Dame).

My research with my current advisor, Dr. Arthur Reynolds, focuses on the assessment and promotion of socio-emotional learning and mental health from early childhood through adulthood, with a particular emphasis on populations affected by socioeconomic adversity and trauma. We are particularly interested in understanding the role that early childhood educational intervention (e.g., the Child-Parent Center P-3 program) can play in promoting lifelong wellbeing. I am also involved in research and policy work on early childhood mental health consultation with Dr. Elizabeth Carlson.

I am also actively involved in clinical work (assessments, outpatient and intensive outpatient therapy) with children and families in the community.

Selected Publications

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    Cummings, E. M., Merrilees, C. E., & Taylor, L. K, & Mondi, C. F. (2017). Political violence, armed conflict, and youth adjustment: A developmental psychopathology perspective on research and intervention. Springer.

    Cummings, E. M., Merrilees, C. E., Taylor, L. K., & Mondi, C. F. (2016). Developmental and social-ecological perspectives on children, political violence, and armed conflict. Development and Psychopathology, 29(1). doi: 10.1017/S0954579416001061

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