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Non-degree Graduate Credit

It's possible to take courses on a post-baccalaureate degree basis as a non-degree seeking student. This doesn't guarantee future admission to our graduate programs. However, it's a way to receive graduate credit for professional advancement, or to try a course or two at the Institute.

Some graduate-level courses may not transfer to a degree program. Consult with the graduate program you're interested in to find out if the courses will transfer.

The University of Minnesota Graduate School allows up to 12 credits of a Ph.D. program to be taken as transfer credits, including non-degree seeking credits.

The Associate Director of Curriculum and Student Services is authorized to sign the registration request for graduate credit form for the Institute of Child Development.

Visit OneStop Student Services for more information about non-degree seeking students. Questions? Contact


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Featured Doctoral Students

Michelle Brown works to improve outcomes for victimized children and families

Amanda Hodel researches the neurobiology of child development

Featured Alumni

Janette Herbers
Assistant Professor Janette Herbers conducts research to understand developmental processes of resilience in children who experience risks such as trauma, poverty, and homelessness.

Rebecca Shlafer
Assistant Professor Rebecca Shlafer partnered with Sesame Street Workshop to lead the dissemination of new resources for children and families impacted by incarceration in Minnesota.

Nim Tottenham
Assistant Professor Nim Tottenham examines the development of brain systems involved in human emotional development to understand how these systems are influenced by early adverse environments.