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The Institute of Child Development offers courses in Child Psychology that cover topics such as research methods; socio-emotional development; cognitive development; language acquisition, emotional and behavioral disorders; and biological development.

Classroom learning

Freshman Seminars:
CPsy 1904: International and Cross-Cultural Studies of Childhood
CPsy 1905: Child Psychology Freshman Seminar

Foundation Courses:
CPsy 2301 Introductory Child Psychology (4)
CPsy 3301 Introductory Child Psychology for Social Sciences (4)
CPsy 3308W Introduction to Research Methods in Child Psychology (4)

Socio-emotional/Relationships Courses:
CPsy 1334 Global Issues on Children and Youth in Society (3)
CPsy 4302 Infant Development (3)
CPsy 4303 Adolescent Psychology (3)
CPsy 4331 Social and Personality Development (3)
CPsy 4336 Development and Interpersonal Relations (4)

Non-normative Development Courses:
CPsy 4311 Behavioral and Emotional Problems of Children (3)
CPsy 4313W Disabilities and Development (4)

Biological Development Courses:
Cpsy 4329 Biological Foundations (3)

Special Topics:
CPsy 4310 Special Topics (3)

Cognitive Development Courses:
CPsy 4302 Infant Development (3)
CPsy 4341 Perceptual Development (3)
CPsy 4343 Cognitive Development (3)
CPsy 4345 Language Development and Communication (3)

Applied Courses:
CPsy 4993 Directed Experiences in Early Childhood Education (3)
CPsy 4994 Directed Research in Child Psychology (1-4)
CPsy 4996 Field Study in Child Psychology (1-4)

Senior Project:
CPsy 4347W Senior Project (2)

Honors Courses:
CPsy 3360H Child Psychology Honors Seminar (2)
CPsy 4994V Directed Research in Child Psychology (Honors Thesis) (2-4)


Are you a non-degree seeking student interested in taking a few classes? Check out the College of Continuing Education for more information about how to register.

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