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CPSY 4313W - Disabilities and Development

The purpose of this course is to provide students with a broad understanding of disabilities and their impact upon child development, taking into consideration the ecology within which growth and maturation take place. Content areas covered will include: disabilities and the educational system, disability and the family, multi-cultural issues and disability, mental retardation, learning disabilities, attention deficit disorder, physical and health related disabilities, autism and traumatic brain injury, communication disorders, hearing and visual impairments, and emotional and behavioral challenges. When covering each disability, issues of etiology, identification, assessment, intervention and developmental outcome will be discussed. A number of additional disability-related topics will also be explored over the course of the semester. These include self-advocacy and self-determination, social inclusion, and ethical and legal issues.

Who should take this course?

Students who are interested in learning about how development is impacted by physical, mental and emotional disabilities and how these disabilities impact, and are impacted by, social settings including the school system and family systems.

Students who are interested in working or pursuing graduate studies in psychology, special education, disability services, family social science, and health careers.

What degree requirements might this class fulfill?
Child Psychology B.A.
Child Psychology B.S.
Child Psychology Minor

For official information about how this class would fulfill major requirements or college requirements, please consult your college adviser and your APAS. Access to your APAS report can be found under the Academics tab on MyU.

Psy 1001 Introduction to Psychology

Grading Basis:
A-F, S/N or audit


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Instructors who teach this class:
Brian Abery

Sample syllabus
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