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CPSY 4336 - Development and Interpersonal Relationships

This course provides an overview and critical analysis of theory and research on the nature and course of significant personal relationship in childhood and adolescence and their implications for individual development. A key question is how developmental changes in individuals affect, and are affected by, their close relationships. Class sessions, readings, and writing assignments focus on relationships with family members, friends, romantic partners, teachers, mentors, and others. Students should have completed the prerequisite, CPSY 4331, Social and Personality Development, or should obtain a copy of the textbook for that course for background reading during the semester.

Who should take this course?
Students who are interested in learning about how relationships may impact children’s development.

Students who are interested in working or pursuing graduate studies in psychology, education, and health careers.

What degree requirements might this class fulfill?
Child Psychology B.A.
Child Psychology B.S.
Child Psychology Minor

For official information about how this class would fulfill major requirements or college requirements, please consult your college adviser and your APAS. Access to your APAS report can be found under the Academics tab on MyU.

There are no prerequisites

Grading Basis:
A-F or audit


Terms this class is typically offered:

Instructors who teach this class:
Glen Roisman

Sample syllabus
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