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Career Paths

A degree in child psychology allows you to pursue careers in a wide range of areas, many requiring advanced training. Here are a few examples:

  • Child Development—Early childhood education, youth counseling, research
  • Education—Teaching, administration, coaching
  • Higher education—Teaching, admissions, advising, student affairs, research
  • “I use my degrees in child psychology and Sociology LCD frequently, particularly when working with students who are looking to return to school after facing hardships in their lives. Coursework that I took in my degrees related to childhood resiliency allow me to keep an open mind when working with students from diverse backgrounds, and helps me to provide those individuals with the resources needed to continue their post-secondary education plans.” – Bill Cleveland, Class of 2008, Transfer Operations Coordinator, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
    “Reflecting back on my experiences [at the U of M], now as a faculty member, I realize how much time she took to mentor me as an undergraduate. I could not fully appreciate just how exceptional my experiences were at the Institute of Child Development and with Megan [Gunnar] until I left.” – Kristin Buss, Ph.D.; Class of 1992; Professor
  • Non-profit—Fundraising, programming, research, advocacy
  • Social Services—Social work, psychology, counseling
  • “My child psychology degree from the U of M not only assisted me in gaining admission to my master's program, but helped me to be able to enter the counseling field.” – Laura Hughitt, Class of 2010, Outpatient Mental Health Practitioner
  • Health care—Child Life Specialist, nursing, occupational therapy, nutrition
  • “I am a Pediatrician with a special focus on mental health and behavioral pediatrics. I use my child psychology background all of the time, both to understand child development and recognize pathology.” – Robert Karasov, M.D.; Class of 1977; Pediatrician
  • Government—Public information, campaigns, research, lobbyist groups
  • Business—Marketing, human resources, sales, consulting, recruiting

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