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Faculty Awards

ICD faculty

Recognition of Teaching Excellence

  • University Distinguished Teaching Awards (4)
  • Horace T. Morse Award: Professor Masten
  • CEHD Teaching Awards: Professor Masten

Recognition of Research Excellence

  • Fellow Status in Major Research Societies (20)
  • American Psychological Association: 6
  • Society for Research in Child Development: 4
  • American Psychological Society: 8
  • AAAS: 1
  • American Educational Research Association: 1

Major Research Awards and Prizes (8)

  • Jacobs Prize, Professor Cicchetti, $1,000,000
  • NIMH BRAINS Award, Professor Elison, $2,400,000
  • NIH Merit, Professor Cicchetti
  • NIH Career Development Awards, 5 to Professor Gunnar covering 25 years at the University of Minnesota

Early Career Awards (15)

  • NARSAD: Professor Karatekin
  • APA Division 7 (Developmental): Professors Cicchetti, Maratsos, Roisman, Zelazo
  • APA Distinguished Early Contributions: Professor Roisman
  • Foundation for Child Development Young Scholar: Professors Gunnar, Cicchetti
  • SRCD Young Investigator: Professor Roisman
  • Early Career Excellence CEHD: Professor Koenig
  • Landgrant McKnight: Professors Sera, Masten, Karatekin, Thomas
  • SRCD Early Career Award: Jed Elison

Mid-Career Awards (4)

  • Distinguished McKnight Award: Professors Gunnar, Masten
  • McKnight Presidential Fellow: Professor Thomas
  • Multi-Cultural Research Award: Professor Sera

Distinguished Lifetime Career Awards (9)

  • APA: Division 7, Professors Gunnar, Cicchetti
  • APA: Division 12, Professor Cicchetti
  • APA: Division 32, Professor Cicchetti
  • SRCD: Professors Gunnar & Cicchetti
  • Urie Bronfenbrenner Award, APA: Professors, Cicchetti, Masten
  • James McKeen Catell Fellow Award, APS: Professor Cicchetti

Professorships (7)

  • All University
    • Regents: Professors Gunnar, Masten
    • McKnight Presidential Chair: Professor Cicchetti
  • CEHD
    • Wallace: Professors Gunnar, Masten
    • Harris Professorship: Professors Cicchetti, Masten
    • Birkmaier: Professor Masten
    • Lindahl: Professor Zelazo

Research Societies Mentoring Awards

  • APA: Professor Cicchetti
  • APS: Professor Gunnar

Recognition of Service to the University or Society (2)

  • President’s Distinguished Service Award (U of Mn): Professor Masten
  • Service to Society (APA): Professor Cicchetti

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