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Get Involved

If you are a student, you can receive course credit for your participation (1 credit = 3 hours/week). There are no paid positions at this time.

If you are interested in joining the research group as a graduate or post-doctoral student, please e-mail Canan Karatekin, Ph.D. ( If you have general questions about the Ph.D. program in Child Development, please see the department's web page, and contact Lindsey Jendraszak, Associate Director, Curriculum and Student Services (

If you are interested in joining the research group as an undergraduate or post-graduate student, please fill out this brief survey first and e-mail it to Dr. Karatekin. To participate in the research group, you must be able to attend the research meeting every week (in Spring 2018, we will be meeting from 2:30 to 3:30 every Monday in Room 172 at ICD). General information on registering for Directed Research (CPsy 4994) and completing CITI and HIPAA training can be found here.

Advising expectations

Learn more about what to expect as a graduate student in the Child Wellbeing Research Group. Dr. Karatekin outlines what you can expect from her as an advisor/mentor and provides an overview of her expectations of students in the child psychology Ph.D. program at the University of Minnesota.

Read Dr. Karatekin's advising expectations.