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Principal Investigator

Canan Karatekin, Ph.D.

Canan Karatekin is an associate professor at the Institute of Child Development. She has a BA in Psychology from Harvard College, and a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from UCLA. She studied cognitive impairments in children with youth-onset psychosis or ADHD for many years. However, in 5/2011, she decided to shift her research focus to the child welfare system and later broadened her area to adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) in general. She's particularly interested in community-based services for individuals with ACEs and policies regarding these services.

Canan Karatekin


Graduate Students

Michelle Brown, M.A.

Michelle is a 4thyear graduate student in the Developmental Psychopathology and Clinical Science PhD program. She is interested in understanding the influence of modifiable social and physiological factors on the developmental trajectory and outcomes of maltreated and victimized children and the implications this has for prevention and intervention. Michelle is involved with the study on parent- and sibling-directed aggression and is the lead investigator for the study examining factors that predict revictimization.



Maria Hill, B.A.

Maria is a 1st year graduate student in the General Developmental Psychology Ph.D. program. Previously researching moral development as an undergraduate, she is interested in studying the interventions and outcomes related to adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), as well as resilience. She is involved with the study on ACEs and predictors of intervention response in college students.

Maria Hill


Undergraduate and Post-Graduate Students

Allison Anding

Allison Anding is a senior working toward a B.S. in Child Psychology at the University of Minnesota. After graduation, she plans to earn an M.A. in Integrated Behavioral Health before pursuing a career as a clinical counselor. Allison has a particular interest in stress and resilience, and is passionate about bettering early education programs. Her research motivation comes from the desire to write educational materials for parents and elementary educators that will aid in early intervention for high-risk children.


Ellen Anderson

I am a junior majoring in child psychology and Spanish Studies in hopes of going on to graduate school and eventually become a clinical child psychologist. I am especially interested in working with children with emotional and behavioral disorders. Outside of school I am a staff member for the Parent & Family Program at the University, I work for the Dean of the School of Nursing & I am a part of the section leader mental health workgroup for the CLA First Year Experience Program. In addition to this I am a volunteer at the University of Minnesota Masonic Children's Hospital.


Sungmin Park

Sungmin Park who's working towards the Master's degree in Marriage and Family therapy. Believes people live life to its full potential in a loving and encouraging environment within and outside the family. Currently working in the intern position of Children Therapeutic Support Services which restore children with diagnosed emotional disturbances to an appropriate level of social functioning.


Joanna Hargas

Joanna is a senior majoring in Child Psychology, B.S. After taking a year off to move to California and work for a nonprofit advocacy group post-graduation, she will work for her Masters in Social Work. She is passionate about helping others find their voice and use it to advocate for social justice, especially for minority children living in low socioeconomic areas.


Maya Bauer

I am currently a second year student at the University of Minnesota majoring in child psychology and minoring in psychology and family therapy. Outside of school, I work as a personal care assistant for children with disabilities. After graduation, I plan on going to graduate school to study clinical child psychology with an emphasis on anxiety disorders.


Hee Jeong Kim

I am a Senior majoring in Child Psychology B.S. and minoring in Teaching English as Second Language (TESL). I am highly interested in working with adolescents who are going through difficult times and the effects of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) in children and adults. In the future, I would like to go to graduate school but the area of study is undecided at this moment.

Hee Jeong


Other students working in the lab include....

Julia Hong, Dorothy Swanson, Brianna Finn-Puetz, Sereen Waletski, and Taylor Kevan.