Evaluation Research for Educational Productivity Volume 7, 1998

Arthur J. Reynolds and Herbert J. Walberg, Editors.


  1. Introduction and Overview
    Arthur J. Reynolds and Herbert J. Walberg
  2. Theory-Driven Evaluations
    Huey-Tsyh Chen
  3. Design Elements of Quasi-experiments
    William J. Corrin and Thomas D. Cook
  4. Cross-Design Synthesis
    Robert F. Boruch and George Terhanian
  5. Stakeholder Concepts
    Marvin C. Alkin, Carolyn Hofstetter, and Xiaoxia Ai
  6. Evaluating Implementation
    Ann R. McCoy and Arthur J. Reynolds
  7. Qualitative, Interpretative Evaluation
    Jennifer C. Greene
  8. Case Study Methods
    Linda Mabry
  9. Statistical Methods for Real-World Evaluation
    David Rindskopf
  10. Research Synthesis
    Betsy Jane Becker
  11. Evaluation Using Secondary Data
    Judy A. Temple
  12. Benefit-Cost Analysis and Related Techniques
    W. Steven Barnett
  13. Improving the Use of Evaluations: Whose Job is it Anyway?
    Carol H. Weiss
  14. Trends in Evaluation Research
    Herbert J. Walberg and Arthur J. Reynolds