Alterable predictors of educational attainment in the Chicago Longitudinal Study

A Symposium presented at the Biennial meeting of the 
Society for research on Adolescence in Chicago
 on March 30, 2000

Overview of alterable predictors of educational attainment in the
   Chicago Longitudinal Study. 
Arthur J. Reynolds

Long-term effects of participation in the Title I Chicago Child-Parent centers.
   Arthur J. Reynolds, Judy A. Temple, Dylan L. Robertson, & Emily A. Mann

Parent involvement in children's education and educational attainment:
   Is there a connection?
Wendy T. Miedel

Grade retention and educational attainment: An explanatory analysis
Judy A. Temple, Arthur, J. Reynolds, & Suh-Ruu Ou

School and neighborhood contexts for the Chicago Longitudinal Study
Nikolaus Bezruczko, Arthur J. Reynolds, & Edmond J. Hickey