Childhood Predictors of Adult Well-Being in the Chicago Longitudinal Study

Arthur J. Reynolds, Chair

 A symposium presented at the annual meeting of the Society for Prevention Research in Washington, DC, May 25, 2005.

Arthur J. Reynolds

Effects of a School-Based Early Childhood Intervention on Adult Health and Well-Being: A 20-Year Follow-Up of Low-Income Children and Families
Arthur J. Reynolds, Judy Temple, Suh-Ruu Ou,
Dylan Robertson, Josh Mersky, & Dimitri Topitzes

Alterable Predictors of Educational Attainment, Income, and Crime
Suh-Ruu Ou
Joshua Mersky
Erin Cowell
Kristy Kohler
Arthur J. Reynolds

Educational Success and Adult Health: Findings from the Chicago Longitudinal Study
Dimitri Topitzes, Geetika Tiwari, Olga Godes, Sudi Ceglarek,
Joshua Mersky, Dylan Robertson, & Arthur Reynolds

Child Maltreatment and Out-of-Home Placement: Examining the Influence of Different Child Welfare Service Indicators on Young Adult Outcomes
Dylan L. Robertson
Joshua Mersky
Dimitri Topitzes
Arthur Reynolds