Principal Investigator

Albert Yonas

Albert Yonas, Ph.D.

As a new graduate student at Cornell, Yonas had the good luck of being hired as a research assistant by Eleanor Gibson, a world leader in the development of depth perception and perceptual learning. (Gibson used the "visual cliff" to discover that human infants avoided crawling toward their mother over a visual drop off, while a a strong sheet of plexiglass kept them safe. They used visual depth perception to perceive the lack of support for crawling. Yonas has continued to do research on the development of depth perception in infants and how infants learn to recognize the object, persons, and events in their environments. This work led him to the question of why many individuals have practically no ability to recognize faces. Yonas loves to work with undergrads who are interested in working in science and going on to postgraduate training


Lab Manager

Tayler Loiselle

Fernando Sanchez-Hernandez

I am graduating this semester with a degree in Jazz studies and minor in Psychology. My primary psychological interests lie at the intersection of developmental, evolutionary, and social psychology, particularly in their relationship to moral intuitions and moral judgment. Some of the questions I am passionate about are those related to religious beliefs, irrationality, ideological enclaves, and the evolution of art. In my free time I enjoy reading, swimming, and biking all over the Cities.

Lab Members

Madison Brugger

My name is Madison and I am a Junior studying Child Psychology while finishing the DirecTrack program for teaching. My passion for working with children stemmed from a childhood passion of caring for relatives that has blossomed into my goal of becoming an elementary school teacher. The past two summers have also been around children as I have nannied for two children who are now 8 and 6 years old. My future goals are to graduate from the U and continue on to finish my masters of education while earning my teaching licensure. In my free time I work as a CA for Housing and Residential life, enjoy reading, sewing, and running.

Gabriel Feijo

I'm Gabriel Feijo, a senior Computer Science student at the University of Minnesota aiming to get into game development. I've been into gaming my whole life and have been interested in game development since first learning the basics of programming. Some of my other interests include art and animation.

Rylenn Hathaway

My Name is Rylenn Hathaway and I am a Psychology major in my junior year. As of now, I hope to one day have a career in Clinical Psychology, however I'm interested in experiencing all branches of psychology. Outside of school I work both as a server and as a PCA. In my free time I enjoy going to concerts and festivals, practicing yoga and hula-hooping, and spending time with my friends and my cat Pegasus.

Amber Jonason

My name is Amber Jonason and I am entering my senior year at the University of Minnesota and studying Child Psychology. I have always loved children, which led me to this major, and eventually I hope to study to become a school counselor. In my free time, I like to see my friends, play with my dog, and swim.

Molly Martinez

My name is Molly Martinez and this is my third year in college, first at the U with the previous two being at Winona State. I am a Child Psychology major and especially interested in perceptual development and the first few years of life. My future plans involve more schooling and clinical work. In my free time I enjoy looking at pictures of baby goats and in the future I hope to have a dog named Pocket.

Jesna Varghese

Hi my name is Jesna, I am a freshman here at the U and I intend on majoring in biology with a minor in neuroscience! When I was around 7 my cousin was diagnosed with autism and ever since then I've been looking for answers. Seeing how the disorder can change someone's life first hand sparked my interest in autism research. I am extremely excited to work in the lab and can't wait to see what we discover! In my free time I love to dance! I have been dancing since I was 5 and will continue to dance through college on a bollywood team here at the U!

Lab Alumni

Former Lab Managers: Tobias (Toby) Donlon '15, Laura Hughes ’11, Kelly Gregg ’12, Lauren Haas ’13, Taylor Loiselle '15, Jordan Mathison ’13, Bethany Israelson ‘13

Former Research Assistants: Amelia Alexander '04, Rebecca Compton-Allen '12, Elizabeth Becker '05, Tessa Carter '10, Cho Kin (Tim) Cheng '06, Mey Chov, Mike Deutschman, Sara Djock '05, Kevin Donley '10, Brian Engelen '05, Kristina Erstad '05, Katie Forsyth '06, Yue (Laurea) Fu ’13, John Grittner, Aspen Hieb '06, Katy Huebsh '12, Satsuki Kayaga, Mehdi Khan ‘13, Tenzin Khando, Kari Kummer '10, Laura Lantz '06, Maria Le, In-Sun Lee '10, Britney Leubbe '12, Susan Liebrecht, Peter Loetscher '05, Melissa Moerke '06, Shelby Perkins '12, Sara J Polley '05, Mareen Positino, Kailey Recknagel ’13, Danielle Robertson '15, Amelia Schumacher '10, Heweon Seo '04, Dylan Shamat '06, Emily Springer '06, Sonja Sundgaard '04, Annie Undis '13, Alex Westby '15, Gloria Windham '05


Carl Granrud  School of Psychological Sciences, University of Northern Colorado.

Michael Kavsek  Development of Educational Psychology, Dept of Psychology, University of Bonn, Bonn, Germany.

Aki Tsuruhara  Perceptual Psychology & Cognitive Neuroscience, National Institute for Physiological Sciences.

Brad Duchaine  Social Perception Lab, Center for Cognitive Neuroscience, Dept of Psychological and Brain Sciences, Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH.   

Ken Nakayama  Vision Sciences Lab, Dept of Psychology, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA.

Joe DeGutis  Boston Attention and Learning Lab, VA Boston Healthcare System, Boston, MA.

Pawan Sinha  The Sinha Laboratory for Vision Research, MIT Dept of Brain and Cognitive Sciences, Cambridge, MA.