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understanding the developing brain

Getting children off to a good start impacts a host of lifelong physical, emotional, social and economic issues.

Understanding the developing brains of infants and children helps unlock the causes and treatment for serious problems such as impulse control, learning disabilities and autism. A landmark longitudinal study of childhood attachment and resilience continues to inform the field of child development in Minnesota and around the world.

Researchers in the top-ranked Institute of Child Development translate this cutting-edge research into practice for early childhood professionals, family counselors, psychologists, schools and health centers.

Stories from those who are Improving Lives

Examining the Approach to Literacy Across Disciplines

Across academic fields, the concept of disciplinary literacy can have a range of different definitions. In literature and discourse studies, the term used is academic literacy. For second language education, […]
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Vital Living: Rethinking How We Approach Elder Care

My research is driven by the notion that, no matter the level of disability an older person faces, they ought to have the opportunity to engage in “vital living.” This […]
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How Simple Language & Literacy Assessments Gauge School Readiness

The College of Education and Human Development (CEHD) has long been a leader in child development. That’s why I decided to attend graduate school here following my work as a […]
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Overcoming Infant Trauma
Professor Dante Cicchetti

For over 30 years, child development Professor Dante Cicchetti has studied the consequences of child maltreatment and neglect, as well as the conditions that lead to resilience. He has developed a new intervention designed to improve parent-child relations in maltreated infants, a key factor in reducing the physiological causes of toxic stress.

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