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The problems of families—domestic violence, poverty, divorce, childhood trauma and neglect—transcend the home.

CEHD faculty and students actively pursue research and community partnerships to create healthy outcomes and build family resilience.

Faculty researchers are working to develop trauma-focused health interventions for new immigrants. Project ADAPT is helping military personnel and their families cope with the stress of deployment and reintegration. Our current research and outreach also explores ways to strengthen family relationships, improve family finances, and improve children’s health and physical activity.

Stories from those who are Improving Lives

Project ADAPT Improves Parental Self-Efficacy and Child Adjustment in Military Families

In my last post for, I outlined keys to effective parenting in the face of stress and trauma. Parenting can be especially challenging for service members returning home because […]
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Breaking Down Barriers: Addressing the Effects of Truancy on Kids

I’ve been studying the effects of school disengagement on kids for decades. It’s a complex issue and extremely important. When a child struggles with truancy issues, it can have a […]
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How Family Focused Interventions Help Prevent Youth Substance Abuse

Before joining CEHD as a professor and researcher, I was a practicing clinical psychologist focused primarily on youth who were exhibiting problems with substance use and risky behaviors like delinquency. […]
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Understanding Identity
Kimberly Diggles, CEHD Doctoral student

What does it mean to be of a particular race and culture? Kimberly Diggles, a doctoral student in marriage and family therapy, is exploring how parents and children navigate the challenges of race, identity, and children’s self-esteem in a social climate that often sends the message that "if you’re a minority, you’re not quite as good."

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