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The jCENTER partners with institutions, agencies, foundations and individuals to develop innovative solutions to systemic challenges in higher education. Our work is defined by the collaboration between researchers and practitioners to gain insight and produce sustainable results. jCENTER works to inspire and reimage cooperative academic ventures to address higher education's most complex challenges.

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jCENTER facilitates sustainable innovation by disrupting assumptions, reframing problems, and envisioning scenarios to create a better future for higher education and society. The jCENTER is driven by the belief that the current system of higher education in the United States is unsustainable, and that transformational changes are necessary to ensure high quality, accessible, and affordable higher education for future generations. jCENTER creates a space for imaginative thinking that challenges current practices and inspires new approaches and insights.

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Re:design is jCENTER's signature consulting service and introduces leaders to new tools and methods that promote innovation and strategic change at the department, college, university, and system level.

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Emerging Leaders

jCENTER supports higher education leaders in their efforts to promote innovation on their campuses. The Emerging Leaders certificate programs offer graduate-level sector specific cohort based training to leaders across higher education.



jCENTER conducts research on innovative practices in higher education, providing communities of practice with cutting-edge scholarship on topics related to leadership, change, and innovation in higher education.

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