jCENTER for Innovative Higher Education

The jCENTER partners with institutions, agencies, foundations and friends to develop innovative solutions to systemic challenges in higher education. Our work is defined by the collaboration between our partners and research teams to uncover insight and attain results via projects, programs, and services offered in workshop, seminar, and consultation formats. Our work is designed to inspire and re-imagine cooperative academic ventures.

At the heart of what we do.

The jCENTER strives to disrupt assumptions, reframe problems, and envision scenarios to create a better future for higher education and society. The jCENTER is anchored in the belief that the current system of higher education in the United States is unsustainable, and that transformational changes are necessary to ensure high quality, accessible, and affordable higher education for future generations. Imaginative thinking that challenges current practices and inspires new approaches and insights is required.

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Our services.

The jCENTER has the expertise, infrastructure and institutional networks to help you transform your institution.

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Each month, we talk to organizational change experts across sectors, review events and offer our takeaways. Catch up on our latest interviews, guest posts and articles.


Research & resources.

The jCENTER brings together people to critique and redesign postsecondary policies and practices to meet the needs of a changing world.

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