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*SUPER IMPORTANT: Please read before registering*

  1. Participants will register and pay as a team of two. The cost for early bird registration is $25 per person so you will be charged a total of $50 for the team. The non-early bird rate is $30 per person, $60 for the team.
  2. Non-payment of participants during the registration process will result in a cancellation and you will not be registered for the event.
  3. Only participants that register during early bird are guaranteed receiving the t-shirt size that they requested during registration. If you register non-early bird, it will be first come, first served at race finish.
  4. Payment is non-refundable.
  5. One team member completes the registration form and provides full payment for the team. You will need to provide information for both team members when registering. The team member not completing the registration will be sent an email requesting that they sign the race waiver. Each team member must sign his or her own waiver.
  6. If you have a mixed team with team members in different categories, you should register under the following categories:
    1. If there is a student on the team, you will register under a student category (Male/Male, Female/Female, or Co-Ed).
    2. If there is a Staff or Faculty member on the team with an Alumnus, you will register under the Staff/Faculty category.
    3. A team with an Alumnus graduated <10 years and an Alumnus graduated 10+ years should register under Alumni <10.
    4. If you are an Alumnus that is currently employed at the U, you should register under Staff/Faculty.
  7. Thanks for registering for the 2013 Gopher Adventure Race. See you on race day!

Click here to register:

| Gopher Adventure Race | 220 Cooke Hall | 1900 University Ave SE | Minneapolis, MN 55455 USA | Tel: 612-625-5653

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