Our mission

The mission of the school is to enrich the quality of human life by expanding, applying, and disseminating the body of knowledge germane to physical activity, recreation, sport, and their applied systems.
The aspects of physical activity, recreation, and sport that are relevant to this mission include:

  • biological, developmental, psychosocial, and behavioral attributes of persons engaged in physical activity, recreation, and sport;

  • delivery systems of the educational and management enterprises that reflect the professional outgrowth of the scholarly inquiry into physical activity, recreation and sport;

  • applied research in all areas of human performance, physical activity, recreation, and sport;

  • instruction in a variety of sport, exercise, and recreational activities which enhance the quality of the University experience for all students, with an emphasis on making decisions about personal lifetime physical activity, recreational participation, health, and wellness.

This mission is accomplished by:
  • educating and preparing undergraduate and graduate students for professional positions, and for certification in the professions associated with the study of kinesiology, recreation, and sport (the teaching function);

  • scholarly inquiry, and the dissemination of knowledge about these relevant aspects of human performance, physical activity, and recreation (the research function);

  • providing state, national, and international leadership in the disciplines of kinesiology, recreation, and sport (professional service activities).

These pursuits are manifested in the provisions of:
  • undergraduate and graduate degree programs;

  • an all-University physical activity and health promotion program;

  • research programs supported by outside funding;

  • the publication and presentation of scientific research;

  • participation in college and University committees and representative governing bodies;

  • the provision of kinesiology, recreation, and sport related services to the surrounding community, the State of Minnesota, and to national and international agencies.