KIN 5696

KIN 5696 - Practicum

The practicum experience offers students opportunities to work in a professional environment under the guidance of professionals. Practicum should be viewed as a transition step between a student’s education and their professional career. Typically the practicum offers a level of responsibility that allows a student to develop professional skills in the field/industry while offering the student training and supervision, which allows them to practically apply previously studied theory.

At the conclusion of a practicum it is expected that the student will:

  • Communicate more effectively in the language and culture of the profession
  • Function in a professional work environment with greater confidence and skill
  • Understand the level of personal commitment required within the profession
  • Develop an appreciation for the field of sport management and how it impacts the larger world through first-hand experience

The following steps indicate the correct sequence for enrolling and successfully completing the practicum.

  • Complete at least 15-credits of degree coursework.
  • Develop an understanding of the practicum expectations and requirements.
  • Identify a professional job that you would like to perform for your practicum. Complete a set of goal statements for the practicum, prepare a current resume, and compile a list of 2-3 possible practicum sites. From the list of practicum sites, be able to communicate the general job description and relate the listed responsibilities and duties in a clear and professional manner.
  • Familiarize yourself with the faculty adviser in your program area and identify one whose teaching and professional interests align with your long-term goals and desired practicum experience.
  • Contact an appropriate faculty adviser (you may need to contact multiple), at least one semester in advance, to see if she/he would be willing to supervise your practicum during the desired time period. You should be specific about why you are contacting them. Include your 2-3 possible practicum sites and state why you think these options are appropriate.
  • Download the Practicum Proposal Form
  • Once you have finalized a faculty adviser to supervise your practice, you should work with that person to determine the appropriateness and length of the practicum, and the process for initiating the practicum. In general, a minimum of 45 hours of contact time within the organization is required for every University credit. For example: a student registered for 3 credits of practicum experience must complete a minimum of 135 hours of contact time. A student registered for 6 credits of practicum must complete a minimum of 270 hours of contact time.
  • Contact the chosen practicum site and make plans with the site supervisor for the specifics of the practicum experience. These plans should include the starting and ending dates of the practicum experience, schedule for student activities and or duties throughout the practicum, and schedule for student/site supervisor evaluation meetings.
  • Complete the proposal form, email a copy to your practicum faculty adviser and set up an appointment to meet with him/her to discuss your practicum proposal and the requirements for successfully completion of your practicum. Bring a copy of your practicum proposal with you when you meet with your practicum faculty adviser.
  • Pending the final approval of your proposal form, you will be issued a course permission number for your practicum faculty adviser’s section. Use this permission number to register for the agreed upon number of credits in KIN 5696.
  • Student Evaluation: In order to receive a grade for the course, students are required to:
    1. Complete and submit the Weekly Practicum Log by the date set by the faculty adviser overseeing the practicum.
    2. Complete the work hours necessary to receive course credit.
    3. Write and submit a final 10 – 12 page double spaced Practicum Experience Report. Deadlines for practicum experience report is set by the faculty adviser overseeing the practicum.
    4. Submit a Site Supervisor Evaluation Form: The site supervisor must complete the supervisor evaluation in the Evaluation Form and these must be included as an appendix in the student’s practicum experience report.
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