Lisa Kihl

Lisa Kihl, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
Ph.D., University of British Columbia
Associated Faculty - Sport Business Institute

219 Cooke Hall
1900 University Ave. SE
Minneapolis, MN 55455

612-624-3150 voice
612-626-7700 fax

Educational background

  • 2004 Ph.D., University of British Columbia, (Canada), Educational Studies
  • 1992 M.S. Eastern Washington University, Physical Education-College Instruction
  • 1989 B.S. Lewis-Clark State College, Physical Education

Research interests

  • Sport management ethics - corruption, civic engagement in sport
  • Sport policy - deliberative democracyand representation in the policy process
  • Intercollegiate athletics
  • Community sport-delivery of urban youth programs and evaluating professional sports' teams social responsible youth sport programs

My research interest in sport management ethics and policy has been strongly informed through my experiences as an athlete, coach, and athletic conference commissioner. My research interests focus on the central tenets of ethics, policy, and community sport. First, I am interested in corruption and sport organizations. In particular, I am interested in how organizational stakeholders who were not involved in malfeasant activities are impacted during the post-corruption years. Using an empirical case study of an instance of extensive academic corruption within the context of intercollegiate athletics, I am working toward a theory about how organizational stakeholders within a sports program are affected by the various consequences of corruption during the post-corruption period. Second, I am interested in deliberative democracy and representation in sport policy. In particular, I am interested in examining how more sport organizational stakeholders can be involved in the policy process and how they hold administrators accountable for their decision making. Last, extending from my professional administrative experiences, I am interested in examining the delivery of urban youth sports programs.

Current research projects

  • A comparative case study of the Canadian Sport Policy process (Thibault, Kikulis, Kihl, Babiak, Frisby, Vail, & Hoeber)
  • Minnesota Twins Rookie League and Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities (RBI) Program: Evaluating the Effectiveness of Gaining Inner City Participation in Baseball and Softball (Kihl & Babiak)
  • Civic engagement and sport: Developing the notion of the citizen-athlete (Kihl)


Refereed journal articles

Kihl, L. A., Leberman, S., & Schull, V. (2010). Stakeholder constructions of leadership in intercollegiate athletics. European Sport Management Quarterly. 10(2), 241-

Kihl, L. A., & Richardson, T. (In press). “Fixing the mess”: A grounded theory of a men’s basketball coaching staff’s suffering as a result of academic corruption. Journal of Sport Management, 23, 278-304.

Kihl, L. A., Richardson, T. & Campisi, C. (2008). Toward a grounded theory of student-athlete suffering and dealing with academic corruption. Journal of Sport Management.22(3). 273-302

Kihl, L. A. Kikulis, L. M. & Thibault, L. (2007). A deliberative democratic approach to  becoming athlete-centered: The dynamics of administrative and communicative power. European Sport Management Quarterly. 1(1), 1-30.

Kihl, L. A. (2007). Moral codes, moral tensions, and hiding behind the rules: A snap shot of athletic administrators’ practical morality. Sport Management Review, 10(3), 279-305.

Kihl, L. A. (2006). What’s morality got to do with it: An examination of compliance officers’ approaches to rule interpretations. Journal of College & Character Special Issue- Sport Ethics.7(3), 1-8.

Refereed abstracts

Kihl, L. A. (2006). Insights into Pac Ten compliance officers’ moral functioning. Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport, 74, (1) Suppliment), A-87.

Contributions to chapter of an edited book

Kihl, L. A. (2006). International side bar-Violence in Australian Sport. In Kane, M. J. Chapter-Sociology of sport (pp. 398-399) . In J. Parks & J. Quarterman (Eds.), Contemporary sport management. (3rd Ed.). Champaign, IL: Human Kinetics.

Manuscripts under review

Kihl, L. A., Schull, V., & Leberman, S. (2010). Challenges and leadership strategies during an organizational merger. Manuscript submitted to Sport Management Review.

Kihl, L. A., & Soroka, M. (2009). The legitimacy of the Secretary of Education’s Commission on opportunity in athletics. Manuscript submitted to Administration & Society.

Babiak, K., & Kihl, L. A. (2009). Stakeholder perceptions and expectations of corporate social responsibility: A case study of the Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities program. Manuscript submitted to Business & Society.

Thibault, L., Babiak, K., & Kihl, L. A. (2010). Democratization and governance in international Sport: Athlete participation in organizational policy. Manuscript submitted to International Journal of Sport Policy.


Kikulis, L. M. (Principal Investigator), Thibault, L. (Co-investigator), Frisby, W. (Co-investigator), Kihl., L. A. (Collaborator), Vail, S., Babiak, K. & Hoeber, L. A Comparative case study of collaborative approaches to sport participation policy implementation. Canadian Government Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, Montreal, QC, Canada. ($75,667, 2008-2011)

Kihl, L. A. (Principal Investigator). Minnesota Twins rookie league and reviving baseball in inner cities (RBI) program: Evaluating the effectiveness of gaining inner city participation in baseball and softball. The Minnesota Twins, Minneapolis, MN ($30,000, 2008-2010)

Kihl. L. A. (Principal Investigator). Play the Game 2007—Creating coalitions for good governance in sport conference in Reykjavik, Iceland. University of Minnesota Office of International Programs, International Travel Grant. Minneapolis, MN. ($1,000, 2007)

Kihl, L.A. (Principal Investigator). Dealing with corruption: An investigation of the University of Minnesota Men’s basketball program. College of Education—Summer Research Support for faculty. University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN. ($5,000, 2006)

Graduate Students

Doctoral advisees:

Charles Campisi-Globalization and Major League Baseball academies

Matt Soroka-Sport and youth civic engagement

Jon Steadland-Athletic governance and public trust

Master's advisees:

Ching-Jen Chang- Cause-related marketing and professional sports teams

Anderson Diercks- Leadership and women in intercollegiate athletics

Nicole Gilmore-Psychological commitment and intercollegiate sports fans

Jonanthan Schaefer-Organizational effectiveness and youth soccer associations

April 2010

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