Future Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate student admissions

Freshman admissions

If you are an incoming University of Minnesota freshman and are interested pursuing a B.S. degree in Kinesiology, Sport Management or Recreation Administration, you are strongly encouraged to apply to the University of Minnesota and the College of Education and Human Development.

For more information on Freshman Admissions, please visit our First Year Admissions web site or contact our Freshman Admissions Counselor.

Transfer admissions

Students from both inside and outside the University of Minnesota who are interested in transferring into the Kinesiology, Sport Management, or Recreation Administration majors need to meet pre-admission requirements and have a completed application turned in by the priority deadline. For details on pre-admission requirements, priority deadlines, and application processes please visit the Transfer Admissions web page.

If you have questions you may:

Why study with us?
  • Our faculty and our students are on the cutting edge making news and winning awards.
  • Undergraduate students have opportunities to work with leading researchers in our research centers and labs. The Human Performance Teaching Laboratory is one of the finest undergraduate teaching labs in the United States.
  • The Twin Cities is home to a number of professional sports teams, minor league teams, and recreational opportunities. In 2015, Minneapolis and St. Paul tied for the number one ranking in a national survey of best city parks in the U.S. Many student internship and research opportunities are available here, thanks to a healthy economy and strong college and university presence.
  • We have great students. Read about kinesiology graduates Calvin Mai, Austin Calhoun and Joe Wentzel, who excelled in their studies as well as in accomplishments outside the classroom. Each of these young scholars is typical of our many capable and exceptional students.