Yonghwan Chang, PhD

Assistant Professor, Sport Management
Contact Information

222A Cooke Hall

1900 University Ave. SE

Minneapolis, MN 55455

(612) 626-9282         


2017 - Present  Assistant Professor, University of Minnesota

2016 - 2017  Assistant Professor, Texas Tech University

2012 - 2016  Graduate School Fellowship, University of Florida


Dr. Chang's research interests include sport marketing and consumer behavior, with a focus on experiential consumption and implicit memory. His scholarship in these areas establishes interdisciplinary connections with a variety of scholarly fields, such as luxury service, social media, and sponsorship. 


Given the phenomenal growth of the luxury industry, he has—and continues to—shed a new light on the luxury service area by developing the brand leadership scale and the perceived post-purchase risk scale in addition to conceptualizing the hierarchical determinants of consumer personality involved with luxury consumption. By using the lexicon-based Twitter mining approach, he has also endeavored to provide unique insights about sports spectators’ retroactive game consumption experiences. In addition, he has sought to expand current endorsement and sponsorship literature by integrating recent metacognitive accounts of information processing, including implicit/unconscious/associative evaluations.


From the methodological and statistical points of view, he has employed a combination of machine learning and Bayesian optimization techniques to examine consumers’ emotional reactions manifested in social media. He has also investigated innovative ways to apply integrative analysis to consumer behavior research using propensity score methods and multilevel modeling. By applying this tool to part of his experimental research, he has been able to control framing effects induced by time variant and invariant covariates for an unbiased estimation of structural invariance and treatment effects.



2017, Fall: KIN 5421 (Graduate, Sport Finance)

2018, Spring: KIN 5631 (Graduate, Programming & Promotion in Sport)


*Completed Research Projects.

*Introduction Page of Dr. Chang in the All Things Kinsidered.


Ph.D. Sport Management (2016) University of Florida
M.A. Sport Management (2012) University of Florida
B.A. Physical Education (2008) Seoul National University

Selected Publications
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Selected Presentations
  1. Chang, Y., Yilmaz, S., Ko, Y. J., & Wann, D. (2017, June). Spectators’ flow experiences and life satisfaction: The interplay of emotions and implicit team identification. 2017 North American Society for Sport Management Conference (NASSM), Denver, CO.

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  4. Chang, Y., Ko, Y. J., & Leite, W. (2014, May). Propensity score analysis in structural equation modeling: A new approach dealing with selection bias in quasi-experimental studies. 2014 North American Society for Sport Management Conference (NASSM), Pittsburgh, PA.

  5. Chang, Y., & Arai, A. (2012, May). Examining the visual map of athlete endorsement effectiveness: A case of 2010 FIFA World Cup. 2012 Academy of Marketing Science Annual Conference (AMS). New Orleans, LA.