Yuhei Inoue, PhD

Assistant Professor, Sport Management

Areas of Interest: Social impact of sport, sport and health, corporate social responsibility in sport
Contact Information

Cooke Hall 218
Minneapolis, 55455-0376

My research goal is to understand the ways through which sport produces positive social impacts . For more information on my research, please visit my Google Scholar profile page or see my full curriculum vitae


Dr. Inoue’s primary research goal is to understand the ways through which sport produces positive impacts to society. He has conducted research on this agenda in such settings as professional sport organizations, spectator and participatory sport events, and nonprofit sport programs. His secondary research goal is to address strategic management issues related to sport organizations, with a focus on their corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives.

Dr. Inoue's work has been published in peer-reviewed journals, such as the Journal of Sport Management, Sport Management Review, Tourism Management, the Journal of Business Ethics, and Group Dynamics.  In 2016, he was inducted as a Research Fellow for the North American Society for Sport Management.

Dr. Inoue currently serves as an Editorial Board Member for Sport Management ReviewSport & Entertainment Review, and the Journal of Sport Management


Featured research projects:

Social Impacts of a Sporting Event in Cambodia

Corporate Social Responsibility in Professional Sports


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Ph.D., Business Administration, May 2011, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA.

M.A., Sport and Exercise Management, August 2007, The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH.

B.A., Sociology, March 2005, University of Tsukuba, Ibaraki, Japan.

Selected Publications
  1. Inoue, Y., Funk, D.C., & McDonald, H. (2017). Predicting behavioral loyalty through corporate social responsibility: The mediating role of involvement and commitment. Journal of Business Research, 75, 46-56. 

  2. Inoue, Y. (2016). Event-related attributes affecting donation intention of special event attendees: A case study. Nonprofit Management & Leadership, 26(3), 349-366.

  3. Inoue, Y., & Havard, C.T. (2015). Sport and disaster relief: A content analysis. Disaster Prevention and Management: An International Journal, 24(3), 355-368.

  4. Inoue, Y., Berg, B.K., & Chelladurai, P. (2015). Spectator sport and population health: A scoping study. Journal of Sport Management, 29(6), 705-725.

  5. Inoue, Y., Funk, D.C., Wann, D.L., Yoshida, M., & Nakazawa, M. (2015). Team identification and postdisaster social well-being: The mediating role of social support. Group Dynamics: Theory, Research, and Practice, 19(1), 31-44.

  6. Inoue, Y., & Havard, C.T. (2014). Determinants and consequences of the perceived social impact of a sport event. Journal of Sport Management, 28(3), 295-310. 

  7. Inoue, Y., & Kent, A. (2014). A conceptual framework for understanding the effects of corporate social marketing on consumer behavior. Journal of Business Ethics, 121(4), 621-633.

  8. Inoue, Y., Mahan, J.E., & Kent, A. (2013). Enhancing the benefits of professional sport philanthropy: The roles of corporate ability and communication strategies. Sport Management Review, 16(3), 314-325.

Selected Presentations
  1. Inoue, Y., & Heffernan, C. (2016, June). A qualitative assessment of social impact of a charity sport event in Cambodia. Paper presented at the 2016 meeting of the North American Society for Sport Management, Orlando, Florida.

  2. Anagnostopoulos, C., Inoue, Y., Kihl, L., & Babiak, K. (2016, June). An analysis of scholarly literature on CSR in sport: Looking back to move forward. Paper presented at the 2016 meeting of the North American Society for Sport Management, Orlando, Florida.

  3. Inoue, Y., Berg, B. K., Bowers, M. T., Chelladurai, P., Du, J., Kihl, L. A., Sato, M., & Warner, S. (2015, June). Management of sport for public health: Defining the field. Paper presented at the 2015 meeting of the North American Society for Sport Management, Ottawa, Canada.

  4. Inoue, Y., Wegner, C., Jordan, J.S., & Funk, D.C. Positive youth development through sport: Role of self-determined motivation (2014, September). Paper presented at the 2014 meeting of the European Association for Sport Management, Coventry, UK. 

  5. Inoue, Y., & Berg, B.K. (2014, May). The role of sport management in public health: A critical review. Paper presented at the 2014 meeting of the North American Society for Sport Management, Pittsburgh, PA.