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Thomas Stoffregen

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As a student, I came to believe that the Ecological Approach to Perception and Action provides insight into fundamental aspects of animate behavior. I have attempted to understand and develop these insights in a variety of contexts, from laboratory research on infants to applied research on flight simulation, from narrowly focused studies of body sway to general theories of the nature of perceptual information. I believe that the essential truth of the Ecological Approach can best be tested by pushing the theory as far as possible, by attempting to apply it to the broadest possible range of situations and phenomena, from infancy to the elderly, from insects to humans, and from virtual environments to space flight.

At the University of Minnesota, I serve in several capacities. I teach undergraduate courses in Motor Development across the Lifespan (KIN 3132), Perceptual-Motor Learning (Kin 4133), and Embodied Cognition (Kin 4136), and graduate courses including the Movement Science graduate seminar (KIN 8135), and Human Factors Psychology (HumF 5722). From 2001-2006, I was the Director of Graduate Studies for the All University Graduate Minor in Human Factors/Ergonomics. I am a member of the Center for Clinical Movement Science, and the Center for Cognitive Sciences, and serve as a member of MA and PhD committees for CCMS and CCS trainees, as well as providing lab space and facilities for related research. I am a member of the graduate faculty in five disciplines: Kinesiology, Industrial Engineering, Human Factors/Ergonomics, Neuroscience, and Psychology. I serve on the Editorial Boards for several scholarly journals, including Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception & Performance.

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