Photo of Benoit Bardy

Benoît Bardy

University of Montpellier 1
Montpellier, France

Dr. Bardy received a Ph.D. in Movement Science Science from the University of the Mediterranean in 1991. In 1999, he was appointed Director of the Center for Research in Sport Sciences at the University of Paris XI, in Orsay (just south of Paris). In 2005, he accepted an appointment at the University of Montpellier-1, where he is the Director of the Movement to Health Laboratory (M2H) and the founder and director of EuroMov, a new European center for research, technology, and innovation in the movement sciences (

In 2002, Dr. Bardy visited the University of Minnesota and gave an invited talk at the Center for Cognitive Sciences. In April, 2004, Dr. Bardy gave a research colloquium in the School of Kinesiology. In September 2010, he gave an invited talk at the College of Education.

Dr. Bardy is an active collaborator with APAL on a wide variety of research topics.

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