Project Healty Mom 2

Health Mom 2


Effect of Exercise and Wellness Interventions on Preventing PostPartum Depression

Funding Source: National Institute of Mental Health (R01 MH096748)

Principal Investigator: Beth Lewis, Ph.D.

The Healthy Mom 2 trial is a randomized controlled study examining the effect of exercise and wellness/support interventions on preventing postpartum depression among women at risk for depression. Postpartum women who had a history of depression (n=450) were randomly assigned to one of the following three conditions, each lasting six months: (1) telephone-based behavioral exercise intervention (2) telephone-based wellness/support intervention; or (3) usual care with the option of receiving the program upon completion of final assessment. Dependent variables included depression, stress and sleep assessed at six and nine months. Data collection was completed in May 2017 and manuscripts related to this project are in progress.