Exercise Science Research

Exercise Science is the study of how the human body responds to exercise and movement. The field emphasizes concepts of health, wellness and fitness, and the scientific basis of sports performance.

Affiliated labs

The principle focus of the HPTL is to provide Kinesiology graduate and undergraduate students the latest laboratory equipment and experiences in biomechanics, human and exercise physiology. In addition to the lab’s full complement of physiology and biomechanics laboratory teaching equipment the HPTL also has a small classroom for laboratory instruction.

Laboratory of Integrative Human Physiology (LIHP)

Donald Dengel, lab director


The principle focus of the LIHP is to examine the effects of various disease states and treatments on vascular as well as cardiac systems in an integrative approach. Numerous collaborative studies are being conducted with a number of researchers at the University of Minnesota in various departments such as Pediatrics, Epidemiology, Preventive Cardiology, Oncology, as well as researchers in the University of Minnesota General Clinic Research Center, St. Paul Heart Clinic, and the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Laboratory of Physiological Hygiene and Exercise Science (LPHES)

Li Li Ji, lab director


LPHES has recently completed the large multi-center HERITAGE Family Exercise Study. This study examined the interaction of exercise and genetics on risk factors for coronary artery disease and diabetes. Other research focuses at LPHES include studies funded by the Department of Veterans Affairs evaluating the relationships between insulin resistance, sodium sensitivity, blood flow, vascular structure and function, and blood pressure.

Affiliated faculty
George Biltz, MD

Kinesiology, human physiology, exercise physiology


Donald Dengel, PhD

Exercise physiology, pediatrics, obesity, metabolism, vascular biology, exercise biochemistry, body composition


Sarah Greising, PhD

Skeletal muscle physiology, exercise physiology, orthopaedic trauma, regenerative rehabilitation


Li Li Ji, PhD

Biochemical and molecular exercise physiology, nutrition and aging


Arthur Leon, MD

Exercise physiology, exercise nutrition and health


Christopher Lundstrom

Endurance training and performance