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Every two years, the world turns its attention to one of the largest spectacles on earth: the Olympic Games. The host communities of these events spend millions of public funds on facilities, promotion, games operations, transport and hospitality infrastructure, and more. Event organizers and city officials often justify the high costs of hosting the Games by highlighting the legacies of the event (Chapellet, 2012). However, developing a universal definition of legacy has been unsuccessful (De Moragas Spa et al., 2003).

Despite the lack of a universal definition, legacy is frequently cited in bids and official Olympic Games websites, as well as on the IOC website, and has garnered attention from academicians worldwide. Using a novel, multi-lingual, systematic literature review protocol, this study explores two questions: In what ways do the host countries of the Olympic Games define ‘event legacy’ in their native languages? And how do these definitions compare?

This research poster shows the results of the initial study that comprised four languages: French, English, Chinese and Japanese

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Seeking Collaborators!

We are actively seeking research collaborators to help us add the following languages to our project: Russian, Portuguese, German, Dutch, Italian.

If you speak one of these languages, or another language that you would like to share with us, please get in touch for more information.

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Yuhei Inoue, Ph.D.

Madeleine Orr, Graduate Assistant

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Legacy Team Presentation Day on May 8, 2017

From the left: Yang Xu, Christopher Moore, Dr. Kurumi Aizawa, Madeleine Orr, Ji Wu, Hirokazu Matsuo, Dr. Yuhei Inoue,

Yuhei Inoue, PhD
Associate Professor, Sport Management
Director of Graduate Studies

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Dr. Yuhei Inoue is an Assistant Professor in Sport Management at the University of Minnesota. He has obtained his Ph.D. in Business Administration from Temple University, M.A. in Sport and Exercise Management from The Ohio State University, and B.A. in Sociology from the University of Tsukuba in Japan. His primary research goal is to understand the ways through which sport produces positive impact to society. He has conducted research on this agenda in such settings as professional sport organizations, spectator and participatory sport events, and nonprofit sport programs. (Japanese/English)

Madeleine Orr
Graduate Assistant, Ph.D. student

Ji Wu
Graduate Assistant, Ph.D. student

Ji Wu (Jacob) is a doctoral student in Sport Management at the University of Minnesota, advised by Dr. Yuhei Inoue. He has obtained his Master of Law, focusing on Economic Sociology from the Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, and Bachelor in Sociology from the Central China Normal University. His primary research interest is the role of sport event in the process of social development, and his secondary interest is the mechanism through which sport industry can be motivated to create shared value to society. (Chinese/English)

Kurumi Aizawa

Dr. Kurumi Aizawa is a visiting scholar at the University of Minnesota. She has obtained her Ph.D. and M.A. in Sport Sciences, focusing on sport management from Waseda University, and B.A. in Policy Management from Keio University in Japan. Her primary research goal is to understand how sport can create social benefits. She has conducted research on this agenda such as examining the mechanism of sport event's impact on sport participation. (Japanese/English)