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Improving Breast Cancer Survivors’ Disease Management Outcomes through Smartphone Apps and Online Health Community


 My name is Zan Gao and I am an associate professor within the School of Kinesiology. Additionally, I am the director of the University of Minnesota’s Physical Activity Epidemiology Laboratory with an interest in using novel technology to help improve the health of a diverse array of populations. I am emailing you today to gauge your interest in participating in a university study.

 Participation in regular physical activity is vital to a healthy lifestyle. Research has shown that regular participation in physical activity among breast cancer survivors is not only able to improve health outcomes, but can also go a long way to improve breast cancer survivors’ quality of life. As we live in an age of technology, health wearables (e.g., sport watches) might be one novel manner by which to help breast cancer survivors increase physical activity as well as improve health outcomes and quality of life. Yet, the effectiveness of sport watches as a tool for improving health outcomes among breast cancer survivors is largely unstudied.

 The purpose of this study is to evaluate the effectiveness of the Polar M400 Sport Watch, in addition to an online Facebook health intervention, in the promotion of improved health outcomes (e.g., physical activity, quality of life) among breast cancer survivors. Think this study is for you? See the subject requirements below.

Subject requirements
  • Females of any race/ethnicity
  • Over 21 years old
  • Diagnosed with stage 0-III breast cancer
  • Own an Android or Apple smartphone
  • Completed primary cancer treatment between 1-10 years earlier with no new cancer diagnosis or recurrence
  • Is willing to be randomized into either an intervention or control group, provides informed consent, and completes the Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire

Subjects will be randomized into an intervention group utilizing the Polar M400 Sport Watch and receiving bi-weekly fitness tips via a private Facebook page OR into a control group receiving only bi-weekly fitness tips via the private Facebook page. A $100 incentive will be given for successful completion of study.

Please contact:

Zan Gao, Ph.D. or Zachary Pope, MK
University of Minnesota
Room 310, Williamson Hall
231 Pillsbury Drive SE
Minneapolis, MN 55455
Phone: (612) 301-9199 or (612) 626-4639
Email: pael@umn.edu