The Physical Activity and Sport Science (PASS) emphasis area and lab (located in Cooke Hall 108) centers on the broad context of human physical activity, defined as physical movement that results in the body working harder than normal through increased energy expenditure beyond resting levels.
Faculty in this area conduct multi-and inter-disciplinary research that translates into understanding issues of practical importance to physical activity promotion, such as:
  • theory-based physical activity interventions delivered through in-person sessions, worksites, schools, telephone, mail, and/or Internet channels to promote health behavior
  • evaluation of positive youth development outcomes achieved through physical activity contexts
  • evidence-based youth sport parenting and coaching education community youth sport programs
  • advocacy for gender equity on behalf of girls and women in sport
  • critique of social structures (e.g., media, youth sport organizations, families, schools) and social constructions (e.g., gender, race, sexual identity, class) that inhibit, prevent, or promote participation or careers in physical activity contexts
  • holistic health promotion through physical activity and sport
  • educational interventions for managing the psychological and social aspects of sport injury rehabilitation.

Affiliated Faculty

Daheia Barr-Anderson, PhD

Associate Professor, Behavioral Aspects of Physical Activity


Jo Ann Buysse, PhD

Senior Lecturer, Socio-cultural aspects of sport and physical activity


Mary Jo Kane, PhD

Professor, Sport Sociology
Director, Tucker Center


Nicole M. LaVoi, PhD

Senior Lecturer, social and behavioral sciences pf physical activity


Beth Lewis, PhD

Director, School of Kinesiology
Professor, Behavioral Aspects of Physical Activity


Chelsey Thul, PhD

Honors Faculty Representative


Maureen Weiss, PhD

Professor, Psychology of physical activity


Diane Wiese-Bjornstal, PhD

Associate Director, School of Kinesiology
Professor, Sport and Exercise Psychology


Selected Projects

Girls on the Run
Girls on the Run

(PASS PI: Maureen Weiss, Ph.D.)

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Girls on the Run
Healthy Moms

(PASS PI: Beth Lewis, Ph.D.)

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