Sport Management Research

Sport Management is the business side of the sport industry that blends the unique aspects of sport with common business, marketing, management social and ethical principles.

Affiliated lab
Global Institute for Responsible Sport Organizations (GIRSO)

Lisa Kihl, director

Yuhei Inoue, associate director


Affiliated faculty
Jo Ann Buysse, PhD

Sport sociology, sport media, gender equity, human rights, global sport issues.


Yonghwan Chang, PhD

Sport Marketing & Consumer Behavior

Yuhei Inoue, PhD

Social impact of sport, sport's impact on health and wellbeing, corporate social responsibility of sport organizations


Lisa Kihl, PhD

Sport management ethics, governance, policy: corruption in sport; athlete representation and governance; corporate social responsibility; gender, leadership and sport.


Tiffany Richardson, PhD

Sport marketing, event management, professional sports


Vicki Schull

Sport leadership and ethics; Gender relations; College athletics