Intervention Resources

Relaxation and imagery for return to play following injury

by Cassidy Mullins and Hayley Hemmer, UMN School of Kinesiology 2017

Youth Sport Injury Prevention Warmup

by Matea Wasend, M.S., UMN School of Kinesiology 2017

Interacting with Injured Players at Sport Practices

by Sarah Espinoza, Hailee Moehnke, and Jillian Kochanek, UMN School of Kinesiology 2017


by Kristin Wood, SMPL UMN, 2016

Handling mental crises in student athletes: An athletic trainer's perspective

by Physical Activity & Sport Science

Imagery for pain management: Releasing the gooey blob

by Sumedh Shivkumar and Shyamlee Nanda, School of Kinesiology