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M.A. in OLPD: Comparative and International Development Education (CIDE) Program


Comparative and international development education (CIDE) uses an interdisciplinary approach to the study of education’s role in economic, political, and sociocultural development; international educational exchange; and the internationalization of education. The two specializations within CIDE are comparative and international development education and intercultural/international education.

Who enrolls in this program?
Students enrolled in CIDE are the future leaders, policy analysts, educators, and researchers in the field of comparative and international development education. Students enrolled in this track incorporate relevant knowledge from the social sciences and the humanities into their studies, and they apply theory and practice in their area of specialization. The program is selective and is limited to 25-30 students each year. Most new students begin the program in the fall semester due to the cohort model used by the CIDE track, but exceptions are occasionally made to begin in the spring semester. Classes may be taken the summer before the official fall admission if permission is obtained from the program coordinator.

What will my program look like?
The M.A. requires that students take at least 30 semester credits of course work. As part of their program of study, students choose one of three options for the degree: Plan A (with master's thesis), Plan B (without thesis but with additional courses), and accelerated (1 year-full time). Students who select the Plan A option register for 10 thesis credits; students who opt for the Plan B option take additional coursework. Students can complete the course work for the Plan A or Plan B option on either a full-time or part-time basis.

See CIDE curriculum details.

How long will my master's program take?
Many students are employed full-time and spread their coursework over 2 years (including summers). The accelerated M.A option is full-time for 1 year. M.A. students must successfully complete their course work, master's thesis, and final oral examination (Plan A), or Plan B paper with written approval by their faculty committee to receive their degree. All degree requirements must be completed within seven years after starting the program including any previous coursework that may be transferred into the program.


For questions regarding the admissions process, admissions documents, or general information about the program contact:

Dr. Jeremy Hernandez
Coordinator of Graduate Studies

Specific questions regarding course content should be directed to the program coordinator:

Dr. Gerry Fry
Coordinator, Comparative and International Development Education Program

Revised October 18, 2017


Applications are due February 1, 2018 for Fall semester start.

Admissions requirements.

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