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206 Burton Hall
178 Pillsbury Drive SE
Minneapolis, MN 55455

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Undergraduate Studies:

Graduate Studies:


Ph.D. in OLPD: Comparative and International Development Education Program Curriculum

Program overview

Departmental Core (16 credits minimum)

Professional Socialization Seminar

Research Courses

CIDE Program Core (20 credits minimum)

Includes the OLPD 8121 series, specialization courses for one of the two CIDE specializations, and CIDE electives; courses not specifically listed below should have adviser approval.

Doctoral Seminars in CIDE

Take 6 credits; 2 credits in each of 3 semesters starting in the spring term of the first year.

Specialization Courses

Take 6 credits in a specialization; at least one course must be at 8xxx level.

Specialization: Comparative and International Development Education

Specialization: Intercultural/International Education

CIDE Elective Courses

Take at least 8 credits from the following list:

Any specialization core course not being used as core class can become an elective.

Additional Coursework (12 or more credits)

Minimum of 12 credits required. These credits can be used to meet the requirement that a minimum of 12 credits be taken outside the CIDE track or for a minor. Courses not specifically listed should have adviser approval.

Thesis Credits (24 credits)

All Ph.D. students are required to register for 24 semester thesis credits after completing the preliminary oral exam. The 24 credits must be taken over two or more terms.

Total Ph.D. Credits Required

48 credits of CIDE coursework + 24 thesis credits = 72 total credits

Revised September 14, 2017