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Evaluation Studies (ES)

Evaluation studies examines the techniques and process of program evaluation and policy research in addition to studying the social and political context within which evaluation occurs. Students gain both qualitative and quantitative methods expertise and practical experiences in the conduct of program evaluation and policy studies.

The ES program offers a unique course of study to those seeking to inform the decision-making process in a variety of fields, including education, business, and the social services. ES students build upon a foundation of knowledge in evaluation theory and practice supplemented with coursework in such areas as organizational development, education systems, and conflict resolution.

Our graduates leave with a portfolio filled with the tools of the evaluation trade—qualitative and quantitative inquiry methods, communication skills and computer database analysis experience—gleaned not only from time in the classroom but also from internships and collaboration with evaluation professionals in real-world settings.

Grow within a learning community:
The faculty of the evaluation studies program work with students to help each individual meet his or her personal and professional goals. The students within the program come from diverse backgrounds and get to know each other through shared coursework and social gatherings. Students regularly work together and draw upon one another's knowledge to improve their own learning.

Study today what can be used on the job tomorrow:
ES students take a range of qualitative and quantitative methods courses. They become versed in such areas as survey design, statistical data analysis, and qualitative inquiry. Most importantly, students apply new knowledge in real-world settings through internships and assistantships.

Learn from outstanding evaluation scholars and professionals:
The ES faculty is comprised of outstanding scholars from a range of disciplines whose faculty members and regular speakers have written books on their area of expertise. Plus, the Minnesota Evaluation Studies Institute (MESI), which sponsors its annual Spring Training each year in the Twin Cities, features workshops given by some of the best-known evaluators in the country.

ES Degrees and Programs


For questions regarding the admissions process, admissions documents, or general information about the program contact:

Dr. Jeremy Hernandez
Coordinator of Graduate Studies

Specific questions regarding course content should be directed to the program coordinator:

Dr. David R. Johnson
Coordinator, Evaluation Studies Program

Revised November 5, 2015