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Program Evaluation Certificate


Applications are reviewed on an ongoing basis and may be submitted at any time.

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The program evaluation certificate program offers intensive study of applied methods of evaluating programs and services in school, health, government, nonprofit agencies and market research settings. This interdisciplinary program surveys program evaluation techniques and processes, and examines the social and political contexts of the studies. The program allows working professionals from a variety of disciplines to formalize their training in program evaluation by earning a certificate in this area.

Demand for trained professionals in program evaluation has increased steadily to meet the reporting needs of funding agencies, policy makers, and program managers in the public and private sectors. Graduates of evaluation studies programs have found employment in county government, social service agencies, state departments, and research consulting firms and businesses.


Students must complete at least 12 semester credits. The core curriculum consists of coursework in three areas: foundations of evaluation, evaluation theory, and internship experiences.

The curriculum includes 8-9 credits of required coursework and 3-4 credits of elective coursework; coursework must total at least 12 credits. Students with sufficient background and previous course experience may apply for a waiver of content requirements.

Required Coursework (8-9 credits)

The following courses (or equivalents approved by the program coordinator of evaluation studies) are required:

Foundations of Evaluation
Take one course from the following:

Evaluation Theory

Internship in Evaluation

Elective Coursework (3-4 credits)

Students may choose 3-4 credits of elective coursework from the following list to meet the overall program minimum of 12 credits. Additional courses may be approved by the program coordinator of evaluation studies.


Requirements for program admission include:

How to Apply

Applications are reviewed on an ongoing basis and may be submitted at any time.

Application Materials

All applicants must submit the following items:

Application Instructions

Nonnative English Speakers and/or International Students

All nonnative English speakers must submit an official score report from the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL).

Minimum TOEFL score requirements are:

Program Completion

Final certificate clearance depends on completion of all course requirements, including the posting of final grades to the student’s transcript, and approval by program faculty.

In addition to completing all program requirements, students must complete the online Application for Degree form (see instructions).

CEHD Graduate Student Operations clears certificates on a monthly basis. Forms must be submitted on or before the first day of the month that the student intends to graduate. Students who submit forms after the first day of the month will be cleared to graduate at the end of the following month.

Successful completion of the certificate will be noted on the student's official University of Minnesota transcript and an official certificate will be issued.

Program Coordinator

David R. Johnson
Coordinator, Evaluation Studies Program Track

Revised October 5, 2016