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M.A. in Organizational Leadership, Policy, and Development: Human Resource Development (HRD) Program


February 1, 2018 for fall semester start.

Fall semester start only.

Admission requirements.

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The M.A. program in the Human Resource Development (HRD) track is among the very top HRD programs at major research universities anywhere in the world. Faculty in the program are experienced researchers who conduct various types of research studies on HRD-related topics. The faculty also provide leadership in the field's leading professional organizations, and are active consultants working with leading public- and private-sector organizations.


This M.A. program is (a) a stepping stone to a doctoral degree (usually a Ph.D.), and thus it incorporates a greater focus on research, or (b) to prepare for advancement in different levels of organizations, including countries and public-and private-sector international and local organizations.

Program Details

This M.A. program includes coursework in foundations of human resource development and in adult education. The program is offered under Plan A and Plan B. After acceptance into the program and consultation with their adviser, they decide on the specific focus. Students in either plan complete a minimum of 34 credits of 5xxx courses. Plan A students, who are more interested in conducting a research study in HRD related topic, take 10 thesis credits; Plan B students complete a 3-6 credit project or paper. Both plans allow for elective credits and students often choose to complete a minor in a related field since 6 credits must be taken outside the HRD track.

For more information about the program, see HRD curriculum details.

Attending full time, including summers, students can complete the degree requirements in one calendar year. However, many students are employed and spread their coursework over two to three years. All degree requirements must be completed within five years after starting the program.

Future M.A. HRD Students

For admission process and requirements see the graduate degree application page.


For questions regarding the admissions process, admissions documents, or general information about the program contact:

Dr. Jeremy Hernandez
Coordinator of Graduate Studies

Specific questions regarding course content should be directed to the program coordinator:

Dr. Louis Quast
Coordinator, Human Resource Development Graduate Programs

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