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James Brown


330A Wulling Hall
86 Pleasant St S E


Ph.D., Bowling Green State University


Areas of Interest

Organizational and program assessment
Work-based learning: professional development and program design
Special needs learners: instruction accommodations
Diversity in education and work settings


Dr. James M. Brown is currently a professor in the Department of Organizational Leadership, Policy, and Development at the University of Minnesota. He previously served for 17 years as director for the Minnesota Research and Development Center for Vocational Education (MRDC) and was co-director/co-founder of the Corrections Education Research Center. Examples of his past research initiatives at the University of Minnesota include: (a) design and implementation of Minnesota’s first federally-funded postsecondary school-to-adult community integration transition project for persons with disabilities, (b) design, direction, and validation of a state-wide external evaluation system for Minnesota’s Tech Prep Consortia, and (c) technical advisor for professional development and external evaluation for the Minneapolis Public School District’s secondary and postsecondary school-to-careers programs.

As president of the National Association of Special Needs Personnel, Dr. Brown testified before a U.S. House of Representatives’ Education Committee regarding how vocational education legislation should address the unique needs of learners with disabilities. He also assisted in the development of the State of Minnesota’s 1994 proposal for a five year $25 million proposal requesting federal School-to-Work Opportunity Act funding.

Selected Publications

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