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330 Wulling Hall
86 Pleasant Street SE
Minneapolis, MN 55455

Fax: 612-624-3377

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Graduate Studies:



Joan Dejaeghere

Associate professor; Coordinator of comparative and international development education program

Ph.D., University of Minnesota, 2002, educational policy and administration (CIDE)
M.A., University of Minnesota, 1995, educational psychology: counseling and student personnel psychology
B.A., Drake University, 1990, international relations/spanish

Org Leadership, Policy & Dev
430B WullH
86 Pleasant St SE
Tel: 612/626-8258

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Areas of Interest

International development policy and practice
Inequality and education
Gender and education
Intercultural and ethnic relations and education
Civic identity and engagement and education


My scholarly and professional interests are situated in issues important to the field of comparative and international development education: gender and education; intercultural and ethnic relations and education, and education for engaged citizenship. My scholarship focuses on understanding and critiquing how education contributes to and reflects gender and ethnic inequalities in societies, and how education can provide possibilities for individual and societal change toward equality. In my research I seek to understand the political, economic, and socio-cultural environments in which educational policies and practices are situated. Inquiry about these inequalities requires me to draw on interdisciplinary perspectives, including political science, anthropology and sociology.

Educational policymakers and practitioners in countries around the world are confronted with issues of gender and ethnic inequalities, and concerns about creating educational environments that foster civic engagement. I aim to understand these issues within specific contexts and comparatively. Over the last decade, I have worked on research and development projects in several countries: Australia, Bangladesh, Mexico, Pakistan, Uganda, the United States, and VietNam. My professional work has included projects with CARE, UNICEF, UNESCO, The World Bank, and USAID. I am currently leading a large research project on education for marginalized girls and boys, with Chris Johnstone, and Miske Witt and Associates, in which we are collaborating with CARE, USA and CARE local staff in 8 countries. I believe it is important to integrate research projects with my teaching as this enhances graduate students’ education through simultaneously learning about and doing research. I teach courses on international development and education theory, comparative education, and advanced seminars for international development (related to research projects), and dissertation seminars for CIDE students.

At the University of Minnesota, I am an affiliated faculty with the Interdisciplinary Center for the Study of Global Change (ICGC), and, in 2009, I was a faculty fellow with the Institute for Advanced Studies.

Past Research Projects

  • CARE Project: "Research Partnership to Improve Educational Outcome of Marginalized Children"
  • Grant-in-Aid, Graduate School, U of MN, PI - “Mexican Immigrant Youth Experiences of Citizenship in Local, National 2008-09 and Transnational Contexts”
  • Strategic Development of Intercultural Competence in Schools
  • UNICEF/UNESCO Joint Project on Ethnic Minority Girls Transition from Primary to Secondary School in Vietnam (with Shirley Miske, Miske Witt and Associates)
  • Improving Secondary Headteacher in Strengthening School Level Management in Uganda (with David Chapman, PI and Makerere University, Uganda; funded by USAID)

Selected Honors

  • Women’s Philanthropic Circle Leadership Award (2009)
  • CEHD New Scholar Excellence Award (2009)
  • Institute of Advanced Studies, University of Minnesota, Faculty Fellow (2009)
  • Spencer/AERA Pre-dissertation research award (2000)

Professional Affiliations

Selected Publications

  1. DeJaeghere, J. (2013). Education, skills and citizenship: an emergent model for entrepreneurship in Tanzania. Comparative Education, 49(2). doi: 10.1080/03050068.2013.798514. Advance online publication retrieved from

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Selected Presentations

  1. DeJaeghere, J. G. (2011, May). A capabilities approach for gender equality and education: Processes and measures for an NGO/Community project and practices. Paper presented at the Comparative and International Education Society, Montreal, CA.

  2. DeJaeghere, J. G., Johnstone, C. & McCleary, K. (2011, March). International development course as comprehensive internationalization. Paper presented at the annual conference on Internationalizing the Curriculum, Global Strategic Programs, University of Minnesota.

  3. DeJaeghere, J. G. (2010, September). A capabilities approach for gender equality and education: A process framework and operationalization. Paper presented at the Human Development and Capabilities Association Annual Conference, Amman, Jordan.

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  6. DeJaeghere, J. G., & Lee, S. K. (2010, March). What matters for marginalized girls and boys: A capabilities approach to exploring marginalization and empowerment in Bangladesh. Paper presented at the Comparative and International Education Society, Chicago, IL.