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206 Burton Hall
178 Pillsbury Drive SE
Minneapolis, MN 55455

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Undergraduate Studies:

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CARE Project: Research Partnership to Improve Educational Outcome of Marginalized Children

The University of Minnesota, partnering with Miske Witt and Associates, Inc. has received a 1.1 million dollar grant from 2008-2010 to work in partnership with 8 countries on the CARE Patsy Collins Trust Fund Initiative, an initiative to improve the lives of the most marginalized girls and boys.

Bangledesh Meeting Group in Honduras Presentation Joan DeJaeghere and students

Lead Researchers

The research project involves four lead researchers from the University of Minnesota:


Countries where we are conducting research and implementing interventions include:

Bangladesh Cambodia Ghana Honduras India Malawi Mali Tanzania
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Project Activities

  • Baseline and longitudinal data on girls' and boys' attainment, empowerment and equality, and quality of schools
  • Utilizing experimental design to measure effects of education interventions
  • Cross-case comparisons
  • Developing of materials and conducting training on research and strategies for girls' and boys' education
  • Publication of outcomes


For further information, contact
Joan DeJaeghere ( or
Chris Johnstone (

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Chisamya, G., DeJaeghere, J., Kendall, N.,  Khan, M.A. (in press). Gender and education for all: Progress and problems in achieving gender equity. [PDF] International Journal of Educational Development

Revised January 2012