Student Videos

Murray Jensen has used group video projects in several different science courses.  In some classes they have been assigned as “capstone” projects and represent a major component of a student’s grade.  In the majority of classes, however, they are simply optional, extra-credit projects intended for students to show off their creative skills.  In all cases the videos are group activates that are completed mostly outside of regular class time. 

The video projects have proved to be effective at promoting cooperation between students and produce many positive outcomes that have been documented in the following journal article.

Jensen, M., Mattheis, A., & Johnson, B. (2012).  Using student learning and development outcomes to evaluate a first-year undergraduate group video project.  CBE-Life Sciences Education, 11, 1-13.

It is important to note that we have no evidence that student produced videos promotion disciple-based content gains, e.g., their understanding of anatomy and physiology. 

Student video projects are highly recommended for educators who are looking at fostering a cooperative environment in their classrooms.