Organizations need education, too.

The University of Minnesota's College of Education and Human Development has a simple goal: to improve lives.

We produce insights to help people feel capable and secure in their work, fulfilled in their leisure hours, and satisfied in their health and wellbeing. We house a vast array of leading, relevant, and applicable research. In addition to our traditional academic programs, we work with a variety of organizations and communities to implement this research creatively and effectively.

That's where you come in.

Our partners come to us with ideas. They choose topics, program length, and delivery method. We work within your budgetary constraints and help you to optimize and leverage your resources. We provide prescient expertise and best practices. The partnerships we facilitate generate innovations, close skill gaps, and drive adaptation.

The Office of Professional Development works with all kinds of organizations from International Fortune 500 companies and government agencies to school districts, institutions of higher education and community education, nonprofits, and even individuals with big ideas. We collaborate to develop a uniquely customized program that fits your organization’s interests and needs.

Our Models.

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Advantages to working with us.

Our college is one of the broadest and most intellectually diverse at the University of Minnesota. Our findings in the fields of Kinesiology, Family Social Science, Social Work, Psychology, Organizational Leadership, and Education are breaking new ground, actively contributing to the science of how we live, learn, work, and play.

We not only house a broad knowledge base, but also sophisticated expertise in professional development delivery. Our faculty in the fields of Adult Education, Educational Psychology, Teaching and Learning, and Human Resource Development are more than subject matter experts: they work at the intersection of content and practice, bringing to bear both specialized knowledge and the most advanced techniques in teaching and training.

The Office of Professional Development acts as a single connecting point to the rich and collaborative resources within CEHD. We help you find what you're looking for in continuing professional education.


Our Stories.

Connie Magnuson and Chad Dayton

Introducing practitioners to new teaching models

Luis Saenz

Connecting school leaders with professional development workshops

Rosemarie Park and Cathy Twohig

Linking volunteers and teachers with English language learners

Steve Harris

Pairing couples and family therapists with clinical supervision experience