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Murray Jensen

Associate Professor


Biology Teaching and Learning
515 Delaware St. NE
5/210 MoosT

T: (612) 624-3496

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PhD - University of Minnesota: Science Education (Evolution Education)

BA - Concordia College, Moorhead MN

Murray Jensen teaches PsTL 1135- Essentials of Human Anatomy and Physiology, PsTL 1131- Principles of Biological Science, PsTL 1525- Food for Thought, and Action, and a freshman seminar PsTL 1942- The Science and Politics of Genetics and Reproduction. His research interests include the use of technology in science education, cooperative learning, and the use of Process Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning (POGIL) in entry-level anatomy and physiology courses. Professor Jensen’s hobbies include music, mountain biking, distance running, and welding.

Professional Organizations:

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  • 2007  Outstanding Undergraduate Science Teacher Award.  Sponsored by the Society for College Science Teachers, a division of the National Science Teachers Association.
  • 2001  Horace T. Morse - University of .Minnesota Alumni Award for Outstanding Contributions to Undergraduate Education.  Sponsored by the University of Minnesota Alumni Association and the University of Minnesota.

Selected Publications

  1. Jensen, M., and R. Moore (2008). Reading trade books in a freshman biology course. The American Biology Teacher. 70(4) 206-207, 209-210.

  2. Jensen, M., R. Moore, J. Hatch, L, Hsu, and C. Somdahl. (2007). A Scoring Rubric for Students’ Responses to Simple Evolution Questions: Darwinian Components. The American Biology Teacher. 69(7), 394-399.

Selected Presentations

  1. Jensen, M.  (October, 2009) Evolution Education Roundtable: What students should know about biological evolution prior to entering college.  Roundtable Members: Randy Moore, Jay Hatch, and Susan Wick. National Science Teachers Association / Society of College Science Teachers.  Minneapolis MN.

  2. Jensen, M. & Shuster, C. (May, 2009) The Evolution of Hybrid Courses and Their Relationship to More Interactive Classroom Learning Activities.  Presentation and Panel Discussion. Human Anatomy and Physiology Society. 2009 Conference in Baltimore, MD.

  3. Jensen, M.  (March, 2009). Promoting Higher Order thinking in Freshman-level Anatomy and Physiology. National Science Teachers Association / Society for College Science Teachers. New Orleans, LA.

  4. Jensen, M., Walker, J.D., Beapler, P, and G. Romero.  (March, 2008). The Use of Online Games in Promoting Cooperation and Learning in a Freshman Human Anatomy and Physiology Course. Poster presented at the annual meeting of the National Science Teachers Association / Society for College Science Teachers. Boston, MA.

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